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We recently shipped another HD300 pump for use on a client's Ipsen Furnace. Geoff Humberstone noted: "The customer is a major heat treater in the USA and he chose the MHV pumps for their longer life capabilities with positive pressure oil filtration in severe environments."

"The HD300 provides longer life because of its robust construction and filtration that minimizes acids and contaminants that can kill other pumps. We look for more orders from heat treaters which want to increase return on investment with longer life and less downtime. We have reduced their costs significantly."

MHV Survivor™ vacuum pump

MHV Survivor™ vacuum pumps use a proven oil-sealed rotary piston design for excellent reliability. Their pressurized oil lubrication increases pump life significantly with filters that clean the oil of particulates and acids. Clean oil is forced into the critical hinge bar/piston slide tang interface. The eccentric bearing bands are also pressure lubricated.

Ipsen furnace

The Ipsen* furnace is designed for heat treating parts at a major Commercial Heat Treating Plant operating on multiple shifts. The customer wanted longer pump life and specified the HD300 pumps.

The Ipsen HR54X48 chamber has a hot zone which is 36 inches wide x 48 inches deep x 36 inches tall. The HD-300 oil-sealed piston is the roughing pump working with a Stokes 615 Vacuum Blower pump having a capacity of 2000 CFM (943 liters/sec). The Ipsen Furnace can operate at 2400° F and 10 Torr with heat exchanger for quenching.

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