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There were so many activities that we can only highlight a few in which we had an interest and time to visit when one of us was able to step away from MHV's busy exhibit booth. Here I am speaking to one of our many customers who came by to talk.

Geoff & Client

The technical sessions included presentations from the following manufacturers: Ipsen, Seco-Warwick, Solar, and ALD Vacuum Technologies on topics like tempering, quenching, nitriding, and case hardening. Ipsen presented: "Solution Nitriding-A Cost Effective Hardening Process" with lots of new information. ALD presented: "Low Distortion Heat Treatment of Transmission Components." It showed use of Low Pressure carburizing (LPC), high-pressure gas quenching (HPGC), and use of new CFC materials (carbon reinforced carbon) for fixturing.

Two presentations focused on energy conservation. Dibalog presented: "How to Save Your Money by Reducing Peak Demand". G-M Enterprises presented: "Vacuum Furnace Designs for Maximum Energy Efficiency". The latter focused on developments in furnace design and operation including, better hot zone insulation, high-efficiency elements, power factor correction, and cooling water temperature.

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