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Geoff Humberstone, President of MHV

This year marks 30 years for us as Metallurgical High Vacuum. Back in 1981, I saw the need for vacuum design and consulting and started the company. Within four years we added pump remanufacturing because we understood the demands of heat treating and vacuum coating 24/7 operations. They needed higher quality with good local support to meet their customer's demands and we provided just that.

So back then in 1981, President Reagan was inaugurated and the Columbia Space Shuttle was launched for the first time. We have seen a lot of changes and learned much as the world has become a different place. We also believed that 'made in the USA' meant a lot, and still stood for quality. We've seen a lot of pumps and equipment pass through our plant, and we have grown to meet the demand.

We've redesigned original components with our own improvements, like the end plate housing that will accommodate a shaft seat so you can replace the seals on Roots Pumps, without disassembling the whole blower. We designed and machined it right here.

We 've grown our inventory of parts that we manufacture so customers don 't have to stand in the back of a line or wait for the next boat shipment to arrive. That's what our online “Parts Express” was built for. We've even reverse-engineered components no longer being made to keep customers running.

Customers continue to challenge us with interesting requests, and we had one recently for a dual pumping system for a large vacuum coating system to speed up their initial pump down. You can see what we designed further on in this newsletter. These are the things that keep us on our toes, and we love a good challenge.

Some of our customers have issues with leak checking a vacuum system. So, I put together an article for this issue that covers practical pointers with things we 've learned over the years using a helium leak detector.

'Built in the U.S.A.' still means workmanship and quality. Our capabilities range from new and rebuilt vacuum pumps and pumping systems to design and fabrication of chambers, piping, and custom designs. The vacuum business is thriving here, and we want to help you. So e-mail me with your vacuum questions and we'll answer them: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Contact us at 269-543-4291, Fax: 269-543-4750, E-mail: [email protected] to learn more.

Metallurgical High Vacuum Corp., 6708 124th Avenue, Fennville, MI 49408, United States

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