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Some customers with multiple furnaces look for remote monitoring of their vacuum pumps to simplify the maintenance and reduce downtime. We have developed and installed several onboard vacuum pump sensor packages called Pump Sentinel to do that. Active pump monitoring can help rein in costs by avoiding breakdowns and unplanned maintenance.

This system allows a user to check pumps during a walk-by to remotely monitor critical pump operating parameters. Malfunctions can be easily identified and appropriate action taken.

The Pump Sentinel can also feed a computer that monitors system operation. Pump Sentinel tracks: pump rotation, oil level OK or low, high oil temperature, low oil pressure (applicable models) and 24V level. An Allen Bradley Micrologix 1100 PLC handles set points and communication via Ethernet Industrial protocol in the customer's plant.

412 pump sentinel panel
Pump Sentinel Panel
412H monitoring
MHV Rebuilt Stokes 412-H, with monitoring

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