June 2016
Meeting New Challenges

When you are a company that works hard to maintain the highest level of quality and service it is not easy to meet pricing pressures and still hold that level of quality delivered to the customer. This year MHV has recommitted to maintain the highest quality levels we can achieve while adding value...

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Update on ISO 9001

ISO 9001:2008 Certified Quality Management System Last year MHV received our ISO 9001-2008 Quality Management System Certification. This year we are updating to the new standard; ISO 9001-2015. The new standard incorporates more formal planning that provides improved awareness of factors that can ...

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Watch that crud in your crude!

Watch that crud in your crude! Oil is often thought of exclusively as a lubricant but in mechanical vacuum pumps oil serves a number of critical functions. Besides acting as a lubricant the pump oil provides a seal between close tolerance mechanical components that direct the movement of gasses ...

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New Staff - Chris Estkowski

New Staff Announcement We would like to introduce Christopher Estkowski, our new Chief Engineer. Chris has 30 plus years of engineering experience including product testing, product design, R&D, quality assurance management, machine design and executive management. He comes to us from the Sa...

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Springtime at MHV

Springtime at MHV Springtime has always been a time of renewal and preparation for the growing season. Around our neck of the woods fields are getting worked, fruit trees are blooming and at MHV we are shaking off the winter and cleaning up around the shop and inventory areas to ready ourselves ...

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President's Corner - September 2015

  "Keep 'em running!" That's what our customers are hearing and working towards. Keep producing product - on time and on budget. Of course, how do you keep up with all the maintenance required in so much of the complex heat treating and other equipment running 24/7? Planning with scheduled s...

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NEW Web site

  Our web site as been updated and redesigned with more information and easier search capabilities. The URL is the same: www.methivac.com The search box is at the top of each page. Just type in a part number or name into the box and click the enter key; a list of results will be displayed for...

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NEW On-board Sensors Reduce Maintenance

  Some customers with multiple furnaces look for remote monitoring of their vacuum pumps to simplify the maintenance and reduce down time. We have developed and installed several on-board vacuum pump sensor packages called Pump Sentinel to do that. Active pump monitoring can help rein in costs...

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Filtration Can Extend Pump Life

    Q: Why Use Filters on a Vacuum Pump? A: Because they can add years of life and lower costs of ownership. There are many processes using vacuum pumps to improve properties such as vacuum casting, brazing and PM sintering. Depending on process conditions, they can also create ...

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President's Corner - August 2013

  It may look like USA manufacturing is indeed going off-shore, but we still have a lot of it here. "Built in the U.S.A." is still good thing to believe in. Now a lot of people may believe that you can make more money with the click of a mouse, but it is in the making of products that create...

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Vacuum Tips: Looking for failure in the system

It's Monday morning and you can't pump your workhorse furnace below 40 millitorr.  You have helium leak-checked the most obvious spots and there are no leak indications. You have bled in a "puff" of helium into the mechanical pump gas ballast valve port to verify that you are able to see helium...

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Manufacturing Capabilities Grow at MHV

Advanced Technology at MHV Our capability for CNC manufacturing of shafts, main castings, and MHV-designed parts continues to grow. We not only employ precision CNC machining, vacuum welding, fabrication with leak checking-but offer the complete package including CAD design. Our newest machine is a...

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Heat Treating Conference and Show at INDY

The ASM Heat Treating Society and the American Gear Manufacturers Association are partnering to create an exciting mix of education, technology, networking and exposition opportunities - all at the 27th ASM Heat Treating Conference and Exposition and Gear Expo. Come to the Indiana Convention Center,...

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Conversion Chart

Here's a handy chart to have when you need to change units. MULTIPLYBYTO GET ATM 760 Torr ATM 1013.25 mbar ATM 14.696 PSI microns 1.3328X10-3 mbar microns 1X10-3 Torr microns 133.28X10-3 Pa l/min 3.53X10-2 CFM l/sec 2.119 CFM ...

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MHV Website

Our web site continues to grow with more information and easier search capabilities.The URL is the same:www.methivac.com. The search box is at the top-right of each page. Just type in a part number or name into the box and click the enter key; a list of results will be displayed for you to ...

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