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September 2015

  • President's Corner - September 2015


    news-president-corner"Keep 'em running!" That's what our customers are hearing and working towards. Keep producing product - on time and on budget. Of course, how do you keep up with all the maintenance required in so much of the complex heat treating and other equipment running 24/7?

    Planning with scheduled shutdowns can help; but you can use a good back up team for support. That's where we can come in. We are here to solve vacuum problems for people, and we believe that "Made in the USA" still stands for something good.

    Quality is our watchword and we strive to be constantly improving how we do things. We have customers (and others) call us to get advice on their pumping problems, and we generally are able to have a good solid technical discussion to reach an answer. Sometimes they are just looking for suggestions, and other times it takes much more to resolve.

    We are always willing to go the extra mile, and not duck an issue, particularly when it comes to standing up behind our warranty on all our work. Customers seem to like it when we do the right things that others may not always be willing to do. Our accountants may not like it, but we sleep better at night.

    We keep a large inventory of parts because we can't wait and know customers can't either. That's why our online "Parts Express" was built. We've even reverse-engineered components no longer being made to keep customers running.

    The vacuum business is thriving here, and we want to help you. So e-mail me with your vacuum questions and we'll answer them: [email protected]


  • NEW Web site


    Our web site as been updated and redesigned with more information and easier search capabilities. The URL is the same:

    The search box is at the top of each page. Just type in a part number or name into the box and click the enter key; a list of results will be displayed for you to pick the one you want. When looking for Stokes part numbers, please enter the full 9 digits and dashes.

    Things will be changing as we fine tune and add content. Our goal is to help our customers with useful information.


  • NEW On-board Sensors Reduce Maintenance


    Some customers with multiple furnaces look for remote monitoring of their vacuum pumps to simplify the maintenance and reduce down time. We have developed and installed several on-board vacuum pump sensor packages called Pump Sentinel to do that. Active pump monitoring can help rein in costs by avoiding breakdowns and unplanned maintenance.

    This system allows a user to check pumps during a walk-by to remotely monitor critical pump operating parameters. Malfunctions can be easily identified and appropriate action taken.

    The Pump Sentinel can also feed a computer that monitors system operation. Pump Sentinel tracks: pump rotation, oil level OK or low, high oil temperature, low oil pressure (applicable models) and 24V level. An Allen Bradley Micrologix 1100 PLC handles set points and communication via Ethernet Industrial protocol in the customer's plant.

    412 pump sentinel panel
    Pump Sentinel Panel
    412H monitoring
    MHV Rebuilt Stokes 412-H, with monitoring 
  • Filtration Can Extend Pump Life



    Q: Why Use Filters on a Vacuum Pump?

    A: Because they can add years of life and lower costs of ownership.

    There are many processes using vacuum pumps to improve properties such as vacuum casting, brazing and PM sintering. Depending on process conditions, they can also create acid or give off particles that can shorten the working life of a vacuum pump. We have developed the technology of incorporating pressurized lubrication with oil filters that can be used on a rebuilt pump or a new pump.

    We recommend oil filtration where corrosive vacuum processes are involved or using heavy-duty valve springs that resist corrosion that can cause premature pump failure.        

    HS430 new filtration
    MHV New Model HS 430 with Filtration.

    412H filtration
    Rebuilt 412 with Particle and Acid Filtration 

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