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Meeting New Challenges

NL-HS430 When you are a company that works hard to maintain the highest level of quality and service it is not easy to meet pricing pressures and still hold that level of quality delivered to the customer. This year MHV has recommitted to maintain the highest quality levels we can achieve while adding value for our customers. Weunderstand that there cannot be multiple levels of quality which confuse the standard of quality and often end up sacrificing quality for profit. While profit is an essential component of any business, quality is a core value and an asset that helps our company compete in a market that continually seeks to find the lowest price. MHV’s approach is to provide our customers the opportunity to lower costs while providing competitive pricing, factoring in the overall cost. This philosophy requires that all aspects of an operation be incorporated into the calculations for cost and includes the often overlooked intangible items like durability, reliability, service support, technical support, quality of materials, and the attention to detail that are built into every product that we manufacture. This is the promise of quality we make to our customers and our commitment to them.


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Metallurgical High Vacuum
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