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Springtime at MHV


Springtime at MHV

Springtime has always been a time of renewal and preparation for the growing season. Around our neck of the woods fields are getting worked, fruit trees are blooming and at MHV we are shaking off the winter and cleaning up around the shop and inventory areas to ready ourselves for additional workload and improved efficiency. The winter clutter is gone.

MHV continues to add...

...capability and expertise in rebuilding equipment. In addition to our part fabrication and rebuilding capability with the BeachRuss line of mechanical pumps we also have the same expertise in rebuilding the Stokes 16 inch Ring Jet Booster.

Parts Express

If you need parts for your pump MHV stocks many commonly consumed parts for various Mechanical Pumps. Contact Dave or Darel and they will assist you in identifying the parts you need.


Contact Us:

Metallurgical High Vacuum
6708 124th Avenue
Fennville MI 49408 USA
Phone: 269-543-4291
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Dave email: [email protected]
Darel email: [email protected]


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