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Vacuum Pump and Blower Remanufacturing

MHV Remanufacture vs Refurbish: We do not simply refurbish pumps and blowers. We remanufacture them. Refurbish methods clean, stop apparent leaks, repaint and generally brighten products. Our remanufacturing consists of a thorough disassembly, inspection, cleaning, measurement, analysis, replacement and in-house machining of all out of spec parts, then a reassembly and finally the rigorous “proof testing” described below. This provides you with pumps and blowers that are “like new”, and more important, perform “like new”.

When your company’s vacuum and blower systems need attention, you want the most capable and reliable company to assist you. MHV remanufactures most OEM types/designs of vacuum pumps and blowers, including our own production HD/SD 300 and HS 430 oil-sealed rotary piston design and our reengineered Stokes style 16-inch Ring Jet Booster

MHV is an ISO certified company and our manufacturing methods provide a consistent standard of high-quality equipment and service that you can have confidence in. Your rebuild cost buys value and a no-shortcut factory specification remanufactured pump: Here’s how we ensure you get a "like new" product:


We perform multiple tests on our remanufactured products to prove that your pump not only runs but actually performs to specification. These tests include:

  • Hot Test: Our hot test is designed to ensure the pump runs, and that there are no leaks. It is a twenty-four-hour test. However, a hot test will not tell you that your pump is operating “like new”. It is a start. A hot test tells you the pump will run. It will not tell you the efficiency and/or conformance to original equipment performance.

  • Dynamic Balancing: We verify, with the dynamic balancing test, that your pump is balanced, which limits vibration. Vibration can greatly shorten pump life, interrupt manufacturing and has caused off-spec product in some processes.

Balance graph before
Balance graph - before
[click image to view full size]
Balance graph after
Balance graph - after
[click image to view full size]
  • Dynamic Drawdown: Our dynamic drawdown test validates that your pump is actually performing according to original specification. We compare original equipment curves to your remanufactured pump so you can be assured not just that the pump is running but that it is actually performing to what you expect in a "like new" pump.

    Our customers receive the test results with their remanufactured pumps including drawdown curves for their records and as a baseline for diagnostics.

  • Diffusion pumps: We do more than a blank-off test depending on repair and request. We also perform a throughput test. A blank off test will indicate a maximum achievable vacuum under static conditions (ultimate pressure). The throughput test, however, tells you how the pump will perform under load.

The Remanufacturing Process

  1. No cost disassembly, inspection, and evaluation.
  2. Comprehensive teardown, metrological analysis, using precision bore and snap gauges, including a report on pump condition and wear surface evaluation.
  3. An itemized quotation detailing all pump parts and labor required to repair and remanufacture your equipment to OEM specifications.
  4. Environmentally managed and reclaimed alkaline hot tank cleaning, descaling, stripping.
  5. Shot blast, sand blast, glass bead blast surface prep as required.
  6. Inficon UL-1000 Helium Leak detection/diagnostics performed on equipment to validate seal integrity.
  7. Throughput testing performance curve development on oil vapor booster pumps, ultimate pressure test on diffusion pumps.
  8. Dynamic pump down test using known volume for all blowers and mechanical pumps measured against the OEM specification threshold performance requirement.
  9. Single plane Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) dynamic balancing on Stokes style 412 and Kinney KD models to reduce vibration.
  10. Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) dynamic balancing of impellers on blowers.
  11. 100 HP variable speed test capability for larger blowers.
  12. 24-hour operational break-in on all mechanical pumps and blowers.
  13. 1-Year materials and workmanship Warranty on all remanufactured pumps
  14. An MHV remanufactured pump is truly a “like new” OEM factory product rebuilt to specs for smooth operation and extended durability.

MHV Remanufactured OEM Brands Include:

  • Aerzen
  • Alcatel
  • Adixen
  • Stokes
  • Busch
  • Beach-Russ
  • Edwards
  • Kinney
  • Varian
  • Dresser Roots
  • Gardner Denver
  • CVC
  • Welch
  • Hull
  • Hanbell
  • Leybold
  • MD Blowers
  • MHV
  • Oerlikon
  • Tuthill
  • Varian
  • Rietschle
  • Trivac vacuum pumps and more.
Diffusion pump
Diffusion pump

Parts Manufacturing

We also reverse engineer and machine difficult to obtain or obsolete parts to exact OEM specifications so your vacuum pumps and blowers are returned in a like new condition. No shortcuts are taken in our processes.

In many cases, we also have customers that desire an upgrade to their equipment or a specialized configuration. MHV fabricates components from the highest quality materials to ensure quality and durability. Our Pressure Lube Filtration upgrade removes particulate from recirculating pump oil, protecting against wear which improves performance, reduces downtime and extends pump life.

MHV parts
MHV fabricated pump components

Delivery based on your needs: MHV has the infrastructure, equipment, and skill to meet your delivery requirements

Our Flexible production schedule that can accommodate urgent timelines for equipment rebuilds.

  • Solid relationship with part suppliers to help reduce delivery delays.
  • Full repair parts inventory on common equipment.
  • Reserve inventory of serviceable quality used components for situations where new is not available.
  • In-house precision welding and CAD/CAM capability so we control the technology and quality in-house.
  • Factory-trained and experienced technicians have performed these rebuilds many times.
  • In-house machining/CNC machining/finishing for faster turnaround and control of quality.

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