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Made in the USA Replacement Hinge Bars, Shafts, Poppets, Clappers and many more. We have a wide assortment of precision machined parts, including specials, made in our shop. We are a machine and fabrication shop, specializing in vacuum system components.

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Metallurgical High Vacuum - MHV - manufactures a wide variety of parts for vacuum systems including replacement hinge-bars (Stokes), slide-pins (Kinney), and spacers for mechanical pumps, in a range of sizes that accomodate variations of bore sizes to compensate for ground piston-slide tangs and overbored hinge bar bores on pump blocks. Standard sizes are also always in stock. Our hinge bars for Stokes pumps are made from 4140 chrome-moly steel, heat treated to 28-32 Rc hardness. MHV's slide pins for Kinney pumps are made from Class 40 grey iron, in keeping with the OEM part specification.

Hinge bar bores can be rebored at OEM prescribed increments to extend the life of your Pump Block.

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When the hinge bar bore in your rotary piston pump becomes scored, MHV can line-bore the block to restore the proper surface finish (63 rms, or better). Taper is held to .001" or less. Also, MHV's special fixturing eliminates chatter and keeps the bore in the factory location. New hinge bars (Stokes) or slide-pins (Kinney) are supplied to fit the new larger bore. Water jacket plug seats can be dressed up to the next oversize for additional life.

Replacement Main Block for Stokes 412H11, Piston Slides, Eccentrics from the highest quality USA manufactured castings available.

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MHV manufactures replacement main blocks for Stokes 412H11 pumps and all the components of the rotating group. In corrosive processes, the main block eventually is so corroded that it needs replacement. After a number of rebuilds, hinge bar bores grow so large that the volumetric efficiency of the pump is reduced caused by improper discharge channel location. This occurs when the hinge bar bore nears .750" over standard bore size. That threshold determines the life of your block and at that point your block should be replaced.

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