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  • Designed, machined and assembled in the USA
  • Rugged "Survivor" design - ideal for heat treating, brazing, sintering
  • Longer pump life - lower cost/hour for best ROI compared to OEM models
  • Smart Filters handle acids, particles & contamination
  • Excellent reliability in adverse conditions
  • Faster pumping cycles - 414 CFM in same size as 300 CFM pump
  • Energy efficient motor reduces power demand
  • Gas ballast equiped as standard to better handle process liquids/vapors

Process Contaminants a problem? Not for the MHV SURVIVOR HS-430 with Smart Filters

Why use filters on a pump? Quite simply, because they can extend pump life and lower costs of pump ownership. There are many processes in the metals industries that use vacuum processing to improve the properties of a metal such as brazing and PM sintering.
Depending on conditions, they can also create acid or generate particles that will shorten the working life of a vacuum pump. This can also be true for many other applications such as freeze-drying or PVD coating.


The HS430 Survivor vacuum pump uses a proven oil-sealed rotary piston design for excellent reliability even in adverse operating conditions.

A standard gear-type oil pump provides positive lubrication of bearings and all other moving parts. The heavy-duty roller bearing design on the main shaft extends life and gives better resistance to acids. Dual spin-on oil filters provide extended pump life. A "filter fink" differential pressure gauge alerts when to change filters, so they are fully utilized and not wasted if changed too early or bypassed, when loaded, if changed after their useful life.

Oil pressure, operating hour, and temperature gauges assist with information for maintenance. A standard equipment "water miser" valve controls water flow for optimum operating temperature.

  • Model: HS430
  • Disp / Spd: 414 CFM
  • Motor: 20 HP 1800 RPM
  • Electrical Req.: 460V 3PH

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