Welcome to Metallurgical High Vacuum Corporation. High Vacuum Equipment Excellence Since 1981.
  • ISO 9001-2015 Certified Quality Management System
  • Proud to Manufacture in Michigan (www.ptmim.org)
  • Made in the USA

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Metallurgical High Vacuum Corporation (MHV)

Complete Solutions for Vacuum and Blower Processes

  • Designers
  • Vacuum Pump Manufacturers
  • Vacuum Pump and Blower Remanufacturers
  • Vacuum Pump and Blower Supplier (Including Hanbell Dry Screw Pumps)
  • Parts Manufacturer and Suppliers
  • Application Engineers
  • On-Site Repair, Predictive and Preventative Maintenance
  • Reverse Engineering of Obsolete and Difficult to Source Parts

MHV is a full-spectrum sales, service and re-manufacturing facility for OEM industrial vacuum pumps and systems. MHV is not only a supplier of new pumps from well known and reliable Original Equipment Manufacturers, we can rebuild these pumps, supply parts for them, integrate them into your system, troubleshoot problems and correct them while your team learns along the way. MHV manufactures our own Made in America Stokes style rotary, oil sealed piston pump with and without Pressure Lube Filtration. If Clients require dry pumps, we are a Sales, parts and remanufacturing Service provider for Hanbell Dryscrew Pumps, the #1 company in the refrigerator screw compressor market and #3 in the air screw compressor market worldwide. We focus on our customers' needs and leverage disciplined operations to produce reliable equipment with consistent quality. Our goal is to help clients gain the most value from their High Vacuum Equipment investment while controlling costs. If for some reason, we can't help, we will assist you to find someone that can, so you can be assured you will benefit from your experience with our company.

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New High Vacuum Pumps, Blowers, and Parts

  • OEM Vacuum Pumps and Vacuum Pump Parts
  • OEM Vacuum Blowers and Vacuum Blower Parts
  • MHV USA made Vacuum Pump Parts for OEM
  • USA made MHV custom parts for Vacuum Systems
  • USA made MHV HS430 and SD300 Vacuum pumps
  • Hanbell Dry Screw Pumps and Parts
Remanufactured high vacuum

Remanufactured Vacuum Pumps, Blowers, Parts, and Rental Pumps

  • Remanufactured Vacuum Pumps, Blowers, and Parts
  • Vacuum Pumps and Blowers-Remanufactured to OEM Specifications
  • Serviceable/Reconditioned Vacuum Pump Parts for OEM
  • Rental Vacuum Pumps and Blowers
  • Diffusion and Ring Jet Booster Pumps Remanufactured to OEM specifications
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Repair Services for Vacuum Pumps & Blowers, Booster Pumps and other Specialized Equipment

  • Repair services for vacuum pumps and blowers
  • Vacuum pump and blower remanufacturing for Stokes, Leybold, Agilent, Aerzen, Varian, Roots, Beach-Russ, Gardner-Denver, and other OEM brand pumps and blowers
  • Diffusion pump rebuilding
  • Booster pump rebuilding
  • Specialized vacuum related equipment rebuilding
  • Helium leak tester repairs
  • Accessory vacuum equipment repairs

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