Required Remanufacturing Paperwork

Declaration of Contamination (DoC) form

Download the Declaration of Contamination form and fill in all fields as completely as possible. Sections B and C shall be completed before your pump is shipped to ensure there are no unknown or potentially harmful material residues. Equipment exposed to harmful substances must be decontaminated before the equipment is shipped to MHV. Failure to decontaminate the pump of harmful substances prior to arrival at our plant may result in charges to compensate MHV for decontaminating the pump after it has arrived in our facility.

Tips for preparing your pump for shipment

  • Surprisingly, we have many pumps that come into our plant with damaged pallets, sometimes with damaged pumps because the pallets used to ship them are not strong enough to handle the heavy load pumps place on shipping materials. MHV ships pumps to customers on hardwood pallets and we recommend customers send them to us using similar high strength materials. Placing a two foot skirt around the pallet base can further protect the pump from accidental fork impacts that damage tubing, gages and electrical components.
  • When the weather turns cold it is essential to drain any cooling water from your equipment. Even as early as October and well into spring, temperatures can be cold enough, in certain regions, to freeze water in the tubing or cavity of your pump. Damaged pump castings are very difficult, at best, to repair and it is a simple matter to prevent this damage.

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