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We are second-to-none in repairing, rebuilding, and remanufacturing all major makes and models of vacuum pumps and vacuum boosters.

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At Metallurgical High Vacuum (MHV), we take pride in our knowledge and expertise in repairing, rebuilding, and remanufacturing all major makes and models of vacuum pumps and boosters.

While our proprietary MHV pumps showcase our manufacturing prowess, we also excel in servicing an extensive range of vacuum equipment from leading manufacturers.

Our team has garnered years of experience working with the biggest names in the vacuum pump equipment industry, such as Aerzen, Edwards, Busch, Stokes, Varian, Leybold, Kinney, Roots, Hanbell, and more. This breadth of knowledge allows us to offer unparalleled support for virtually all pumps and blowers from these major manufacturers.

Vacuum systems manufactured and serviced by Metallurgical High Vacuum (MHV) are used in various industries such as:

  • Automotive – Electron beam (EB) welded assemblies are used in torque converter manufacturing.  These EB welders use wet oil sealed stokes 412 pumps with a stokes 310 blower front end.  Other EB welders sometimes use Leybold, Sogevacuane pumps and Leybold blowers.
  • Pharmaceutical and Food Processing – Leybold oil sealed Trivac series pumps (D65B) can be used in distillation but dry screw pumps may handle vapor carry over better
  • Aerospace – Typical systems use Stokes 1722 packages consisting of a 412 with a 615 blower front end, on both melt end and mold chambers.  Some systems use a pair of 412 pumps backing a 615 bypass blower for faster pump down.
  • Freeze Dry – Large Beach Russ 900 CFM RP750D oil sealed vane pumps have been used here.  Fuller “Ful-Vane” vane pumps have replaced some Beach Russ installations.  The “Ful-Vane” uses once-thru oil injection.  The Busch Huckepack pumps also have once-thru oil injection.  Metallurgical High Vacuum is one of the only corporations in the country with the knowledge, and machine capabilities to manufacture Beach Russ internals and remanufacture Beach Russ rotary vane pump models including the larger RP750D model.   

To further ensure reliability, any new mechanical pump supplied by MHV undergoes extensive hot testing prior to shipping which guarantees published performance when installed at the clients facility.

In addition to our repair and maintenance services, MHV also offers a line of 300 and 430 cfm pumps based on the Stokes 412H11 pump that we manufacture in-house with castings supplied from Midwest foundries.  These pumps can be equipped with MHV manufactured  in-line filtration systems and predictive maintenance sensor packages.

With MHV, you’re not just getting a service provider—you’re gaining a partner dedicated to ensuring the longevity and efficiency of your vacuum systems.

We work closely with top pump and blower manufacturers, including:

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