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High vacuum technology is used in a wide range of industries for variety of applications where the manufacturing processes require very specific gas and pressure conditions. Manufacturing under vacuum conditions creates many of the products we use. Some of the key industries we serve include:

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Jet engine parts are formed, hardened or coated under high vacuum to withstand the rigors of heat, stress, abrasion and wide temperature variation. Some raw metals for jet engine parts are purified in a vacuum chamber while molten, so they will be stronger.

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Plastic or glass parts found in headlights, taillights, bumpers, mirrors and even hubcaps are metallized by adhering atomized metals onto the plastic substrate under vacuum.

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Orthopedic implants and prosthetic limbs are often made of titanium formed and coated under high vacuum.

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Heat Treating

Tools and other metal parts are often heated under high vacuum and then quickly cooled, to give them the right combination of strength, hardness, and flexibility.

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Food Processing

Foil packaging is manufactured by atomizing metal and layering it on to a plastic film under vacuum. Food is also freeze died under vacuum to reduce spoilage and extend freshness.

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