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Protecting your systems is the first step in process continuity and low operational costs. MHV doesn’t just repair vacuum pumps and blowers, we analyze and help to protect the equipment in your vacuum systems.

Preventative Pump Maintenance

Extending the life cycle of your pumps reduces maintenance costs, possible capital expenditure for replacement and ensures continuous, uninterrupted production. Our preventative maintenance is customized to the process variables within your system and according to your specific requirements. A few of the services include oil changes during shutdown or while in operation, belt changes, leak detection and valve assembly replacement.

Helium Leak Testing

Helium leak testing provides an efficient method for leak detection and is used to test equipment that has parts with low leak rates needing higher accuracy. Because it can provide better repeatability the benefits are shorter cycle times, and less susceptibility to external environmental factors. Learn more about the Inificon UL1000 helium leak detector used by our technicians.

Predictive Pump Maintenance

We can perform vibrational analysis to determine failure cycle while the pump is under operational conditions. This helps with planning for scheduled down time projects and can prevent unscheduled downtime or process interruptions.

System Optimization

At no charge to our customers, we analyze and recommend improvements to their systems so they operate at peak performance with a minimum of energy usage.


New installation and start-ups can be complex. Our pump commissioning services are thorough and allow our customers to allocate resources to other projects.


We also perform on-site training for your maintenance staff. It is customized for your goals, needs and equipment. It is performed on-site because training on your equipment in your system is much more productive than using our equipment in a static environment. The types of training include:

  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Troubleshooting
  • Leak Detection with Inficon UL-1000 and Diagnostics

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