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Nothing will gum up a pump faster than low-quality vacuum pump oil. The oil may not have the proper additives or viscosity, but the end result is poor pump operation and a shorter life. We recommend MHVFormula "F" oil for rotary piston pumps. Wear and corrosion can come from contaminants such as vapors or solid particles coming from the process. It can come from not operating a pump properly, such as neglecting to use gas ballast to drive off water vapors from the oil.


We've heard some heat treaters say, "It's the best way I know of to keep a pump running trouble free for a long time." They change their oil bi-monthly or even more frequently, depending on process conditions, and eliminate a lot of problems.

MHV pump oil

Note that Stokes recommends a 300-hour oil change interval on their 412 pump. Some processes like sintering or others where acidic vapors a present, can create major headaches for maintenance people because the oil just can't lubricate, seal and protect the vital parts of a pump.

MHV offers vacuum pump oil for most types of pumps, and in a variety of container sizes (at right).

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