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Faster Freeze Drying with Pumps From Metallurgical High Vacuum


Sept 18, 2012

Faster Freeze Drying with Pumps From Metallurgical High Vacuum

Rebuilt Beach Russ Pumps and new MHV models increase reliability and up-time in freeze-drying operations

Fennville, MI --- A freeze-drying system is only as good as its vacuum pump and when it's worn or leaking, production suffers. Water and other vapors from freeze-drying processes, as well as wear, can cause these pumps to fail and halt production. Beach-Russ pumps are frequently used in food processing, but are out of production and parts are almost impossible to find, causing big headaches for plant managers.

 Metallurgical High Vacuum provides cost-effective rebuilding services for Beach Russ RP-750 D pumps that can get plants back into production. MHV can re-engineer and machine "obsolete" parts that give a new lease on life to these pumps.

"We can make these pumps look and run almost like new," notes Geoff Humberstone, MHV President. "We helium leak-check and then hot-test each pump for up to 24 hours to be sure they are running properly when we are done. This is the quality assurance MHV provides, and the plant managers and maintenance staff appreciate it."

There are a lot of wearing parts in Beach-Russ pumps such as housings, bearings, shafts, vanes and rotors. MHV will tear an old pump down, check each critical dimension, and then replace or re-manufacture parts in-house with their extensive CNC capability.

MHV also offers new SD300 and HS430 vacuum pumps designed to handle the water vapors encountered in both primary and secondary freeze-drying drying operations. They can also provide faster pump-down cycles with their higher pumping capacities of 300 CFM and 414 CFM. MHV "Survivor" vacuum pumps use a proven oil-sealed rotary piston design for excellent reliability even in demanding operating conditions encountered in freeze-drying.

A standard gear-type oil pump provides positive lubrication of bearings and all other moving parts. The heavy-duty roller bearing design on main shaft extends life and gives better resistance to corrosion. Filtration in the model HS430 can handle particles and acids to further extend operating life.

Visit our website: or call MHV at: 877-787-9880 to learn more.

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