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Manufacturing Capabilities Grow at MHV

Advanced Technology at MHV

Our capability for CNC manufacturing of shafts, main castings, and MHV-designed parts continues to grow. We not only employ precision CNC machining, vacuum welding, fabrication with leak checking-but offer the complete package including CAD design. Our newest machine is a Mazak Quick Turn 350-II with a hydraulic steady rest that enables us to turn out shafts and other parts accurately.

 Advanced Technology at MHV

We can't always wait for an OEM to deliver parts for ongoing projects and pump repairs. Sometimes the OEM does not even still make the part. That's why MHV has CAD/CAM capabilities to extensively engineer and manufacture parts from shafts, pistons, eccentrics etc.


Here’s a group of main 412 shafts in process at Metallurgical High Vacuum.These shafts have longer key seats than the original design.
Below is a Stokes 412 short block replacement made by MHV.                                   


  august2       august


We've even designed and invested in patterns for casting the main housings on Stokes 412 pumps. We have them made by one of the premier great iron foundries in the US. We specify class 40 gray iron casting, BHN 220 – 2704 for long life. We also use brass core hole plugs for corrosion resistance. They are pressure tested at 50 PSI to verify integrity. MHV is the only source we know of for these castings which will save customers from scrapping their pump.

Many customers come to us for new manifolds, chambers, and pumping systems which they cannot get from other suppliers. Our custom product design capabilities solve a lot of problems for customers. For example, we've even designed “hot swap" filters which enable a user to change filter cartridges with the pump operating saving production time.

We love a challenge at MHV. Customers ask us for help and we are ready to serve their needs with our unique design and manufacturing capabilities, higher quality, and faster deliveries.


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